Custom Water Fountains

Custom Water Fountains For Every Business

Have you considered adding a custom water fountain to your business? There are many reasons to consider water fountains as part of your indoor or outdoor business décor. And, adding custom water fountains is not as expensive as you think. Commercial water fountains, even designed with your business logo, can be affordable for even the small business owner. So, why should you consider owning a fountain? Here are some of the benefits water fountains bring to your business:

  • They create instant art
  • Their soothing sound eases stress
  • They offer additional signage
  • The are natural humidifiers – making your office air healthier
  • They add instant elegance

Not sure where you would place a fountain in your business? The possibilities are endless, and you can be certain that there’s a place in your office or business where a fountain would look right at home. Large water fountains are great for large entrances and lobbies. In fact, lobby fountains dominate some of the world’s finest and most beautiful hotels. Outdoor water fountains can also be used to beautify gardens and other outdoor spaces and make them feeler cooler during hot weather.

Floor water fountains can be used in a wide variety of ways in commercial applications, too. They can be set up as free standing indoor fountains and used to create “rooms” within a large open space, or to block the view from certain areas of your business. Or, floor fountains can be placed up against a wall, to look like a wall fountain.

Water walls, or water fountains that are installed on the wall, eliminate the need for floor space to support the fountain. Wall fountains come in many styles and sizes, including logo water fountains. These fountains are great for small spaces and are a wonderful way to add extra signage to your business. Even the smallest office space has room for a water wall.

Talk to us at Luxe Water Fountains about placing a custom water fountain at your business location. Our designers can help you choose the right type of fountain and the right location for your fountain. Even with custom logo fountains, ordering is easy, and delivery is faster than you might expect. We’ll work with you on all the details to ensure your custom fountain is perfect in every way.

Adding a water fountain to your business is a great investment in the beauty and elegance of your space and a great way to improve the health of your employees and clients. Your space will be memorable to all who visit and your clients will be eager to return.

Today, commercial water fountains are placed in nearly every type of business, including health spas, fitness centers, restaurants, hotels and office buildings. They have become far more popular and far more affordable in recent years. Business owners look at the addition of a fountain as a great investment in art, elegance and health. And, a fountain never goes out of style, so you can count on your custom fountain being a part of your business décor for years to come.

Dusk Wall Fountain Rss Icon

Dusk Wall FountainWith water fountains, the design and shape should be really different from what others look for. It should go well with your style and prestige value, let us discuss a few key tips and instructions in this regard.

• The first thing that you need to do- research hard for some customized water fountains. You need to look for something out of the box. It should be totally different from the usual stuff, and online research can be a good option for you if you don’t want to roam around in the market.
• Your requirements also matter a lot- if you want a large one then you can buy an expensive and durable, if you don’t wish your fountain to be the only point of attraction in your garden then it is worthless to spend unnecessarily on such items.
• Take pleasure in some of the key benefits of such fountains- once you get to know all of them you can make comparisons between two or three designs, this would surely give you a brief idea regarding the kind of water feature you are looking to purchase.
• Plan each step well in order to avoid any kind of inconvenience- it is of utmost importance to sketch out a proper plan regarding everything you want to do, this would allow you to do proper forecasting of any kind of future trouble.

Time to get the Dusk Wall Fountain, it shows a breathtaking scene of the memories in the past. Grab one now!